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You've just found the new, heads-up way for long-distance runners to carry their fuel.

Patented designed, with special inserts that snugly & comfortably hold gel packets.

  • Reduce the weight & bounce of a fuel belt
  • Keep your gels close & convenient
  • Stay fueled up & light on your feet

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Running with this hat was great! Having a gel available by just pulling it from the hat was really handy!
-- Kim Jones

About Kim Jones:
Certainly considered one of the best female marathoners in US history, Kim Jones could also be included in a list of the country's top 5 marathoners, male or female. Throughout her career Kim has been one of the most dominant distance runners in the world. She has more high level placings in world class marathons than any other US female marathoner in history with 17 performances under 2:33. She and Joan Samuelson are the only two Americans to run 2:30 or faster 5 times.

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