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Running with this hat was great! Having a gel available by just pulling it from the hat was really handy!
-- Kim Jones

About Kim Jones:
Certainly considered one of the best female marathoners in US history, Kim Jones could also be included in a list of the country's top 5 marathoners, male or female. Throughout her career Kim has been one of the most dominant distance runners in the world. She has more high level placings in world class marathons than any other US female marathoner in history with 17 performances under 2:33. She and Joan Samuelson are the only two Americans to run 2:30 or faster 5 times. [ read more ]

I now own 2 visors and they are, by far, the best out there! Wick the sweat and light weight feel is outstanding. I'd highly recommend
to any or all runners. Thanks
-- David Weeks

Yesterday I wore my GasCap while running the Napa Valley Marathon.  This is such a smart, yet simple, design!  Very easy to use.  Provides multiple benefits:  shade, protection from downpours (needed yesterday), and of course easy access to gel packets.  The gel packets are not noticeable at all – they don’t move around or fall out – yet they are easy to remove.  Plus the cap is comfortable and not too big.  Terrific! Thanks so much for thinking of this!
I bought my cap, I think, in December of 2008.  I had heard about it from a friend who lives in another state, and then a few weeks later I saw one when I ran by a race expo (U.S. Half, in San Francisco).  I didn’t have a dime on me that day at the expo, but promptly ran home and ordered one on-line.  I used it throughout my training, as well as, in the race itself.
The surprising thing was this – yesterday during the marathon, I heard over and over again “Hey!  COOL HAT!!!!”, both from spectators and from other runners.  I didn’t realize your super handy product wasn’t well know.  I highly suggest you take up the marketing a notch.  This is too cool of a product not to be at every expo and in every Fleet Feet and other running shop across the country.  You’re definitely on to something – spread the word.  And yes, since realizing how few runners know about these caps, I’ve started telling my running friends. They all say “cool hat!”  
-- Janna Voss

I just reviewed the Gas Cap hat that you sent me. It worked so well! I was worried that the gels would fall out or it would bounce, but they stayed right in place and didn't move! I am really excited about this hat and will continue to use it a lot. I will continue to post about it as I use it in other races/training runs. Please let me know what you think of the review.
-- Abbie

Hi, Carla!
Yes, one of my running buddies, Aster Stowell, ordered a Gas Cap, so now I don't have to carry fuel for her!

Hope to see you at Gasparilla.  I will be volunteering for the Saturday races, then just running the half-marathon on Sunday.  I was considering getting a booth at the expo for my running products, but with taking care of my mother, I'm still not "ready" to launch my business full-scale.

I'll be looking for you, and telling more friends about your caps.
-- Leah

I was tired of running with a bouncing fuel belt that I had to unzip and dig into, so I decided to try the Gas Cap at the Marine Corp
Marathon. I ran with 8 gels and didn't feel the weight of them at all. They were much easier to access than anything I've tried. Thank You!
-- Josh Hesse, 3:09:00

I bought the Gas Cap visor at the Chicago Marathon expo and used it during the race.  I loved being able to lighten my load around my waist, and as an added bonus the Gas Cap stayed in place.  My other visors normally slip down as I perspire but the Gas Cap didn’t.  Great product!
-- MaryKay Brown

I'm just emailing you to say it was so great meeting you and your daughter last Saturday and the NM Marathon expo. They took a photo of me in your hat. Thanks for such a great product. You made my first marathon successful! Icouldn't have done it without my gas cap! REALLY. Wishing you much success! Keep in touch.
-- Cristin Kiburz

I purchased a cap at the San Diego Rock'n'Roll expo this past June. It seemed so comfortable that I broke the first rule in marathoning and wore it in the race the next day without training in it. It is the greatest cap I ever wore.
-- Stacey Thomas

THANK YOU for creating Gas Cap. I love my new hat. It helps merun chafe-free and unencumbered by a clunky fuel belt. What a great
-- Beth Shapiro Schulte

Lightweight, breathable, sleek design. Like the ability to hold two or more energy gels for longer runs!
-- Mark Wightman, 45 marathons

I absolutely love this hat. Really! No more “poky” packets around my waist!
-- Dennis Shaver, 6 marathons

Looked a little crazy when fully loaded, but did what it was supposed to. Easy to pull out goo in stride! You’re onto something!
-- Brian Allen, 6 marathons

The fit was good-snug but not too tight, and the visor long enough to shield the sun. The gels were well-balanced and did not slip down. Good idea!
-- Carole Shirley

It felt great—good quality. Adjustable fit and it stayed on great!
-- Curt Ranweiler, 7 marathons

Great fit, surprisingly lightweight!
-- Tamar van Vliet, 3 half marathons

At first I thought this was a weird idea, but it was actually more comfortable to have the gels on the hat than in my running shorts. And, I liked the form and comfort of the cap itself.
-- Steve Read

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